GRRRR! SO AGGRESSIVE: Women who need to be in control

“If you can’t handle me, it’s because you’re not a strong black man”- aggressive black woman Dear Women I Haven’t Slept With, There’s many things I will attempt to explain or rectify in this blog. Why most black men don’t want to deal with aggressive black women, two, out of what need did this aggressive behavior originate from, and last, what can we do to reduce this epidemic. I’m far from an expert, but let me give you my opinion. Black men aren’t working, black men aren’t succeeding, black menRead More

Make the Decision to be Happy and Whole

Some people have damaged childhood i.e. memories/pain that filter into adulthood. As caretakers, we are responsible for building positive self-esteem by modeling and showing love, appreciation, acceptance and demonstrating conflict resolution is a positive light. Furthermore, in order to have healthy relationships, you must work on the inner demons that cause you to become stagnant, withdrawn and lonely. Most people make the mistake of carrying the same negative baggage into a new relationship only to see it destroyed because of the same patterns/issues i.e. infidelity, insecurity, jealousy, low self-esteem. YouRead More

Dear CRF, Is This a Sign?

Dear CRF, “I have a friend who has had hard times and whenever I compliment [him] or make reference to how great [he is], it turns into an argument. Just want the best for [him]. But it’s becoming verbal abuse. Is that a sign of an emotionally unavailable person?” CRF RESPONSE: I am sorry you are going through this with your “friend” (using that word loosely because this doesn’t seem like a friendship at all). It is admirable that you have taken into account the difficult time your friend hasRead More

No New Friends

Is it possible to have friends of the opposite sex with little no sexual tension between them? I would most certainly think so. Today, this subject seems to come up more and more as the dating and relationship scene quickly evolve. It is certainly not uncommon for people to have significant others of the opposite gender and even less so for them to have a past. While a lot of current significant others grind their teeth in what seems to be insecurity, many are at a loss on what toRead More

The EX Factor

A few weeks ago, I had my heart broken for the second time by the same man for the exact same reason. That reason being his return to a relationship that had been on and off in his life for the past few years. A relationship that he tried his hardest to convince me, himself, and others, that he would not be returning to again. A relationship that he tried to move on from One that he tried to move on from by creating a new relationship with me. ClassicRead More