‪Dear CRF‬, “Me and my girlfriend have been together for 7 months. She has this male best friend whom she’s known for over 20 years. He’s been around since we’ve been dating, and I was cool with it. I didn’t see an issue with her having male friends considering that I had female friends. Last month, I went to a family gathering of hers. This was the first time I met her cousins, aunts, and uncles. At one point at this gathering, my girlfriend and her male best friend wereRead More


Dear CRF, “My man posts selfies in a group for people that love black men and he gets responses on how handsome he is, he never talks about me on Facebook or looks at my page unless I ask why he never likes any of my pics, he locked posts on his page so I can’t see what people write. But, I live with him and see him every day and night…he swears he’s just flirting, would this be acceptable to you?” RESPONSE While it’s not acceptable to me, itRead More

Angry Black Woman

I’m not an angry black woman. I’m just fine by myself and that’s where you got it twisted. Oh, so, I’m angry because I no longer pretend like I don’t see or deal with your mess and I choose not to deal with you? As soon as they look at you, yes the ones who have been the misusers and abusers, the first thing they say is, “here comes another angry black woman.” That’s why I don’t date them. I’m sure you don’t date us due to the fact thatRead More


R&B songstress Vivian Green sang a song where she described a relationship with a man as an emotional rollercoaster. You see, things would go very well for a certain amount of time, and then here comes the free fall. Unlike the roller coasters at Six Flags, these types of relationships aren’t fun as the dive into a downward spiral. The drop in rollercoaster relationships usually entails cheating, abuse (mental, physical, verbal, etc.) and down right disrespect. Only to be followed by promises to do and be better. Which of course,Read More


Have you found yourself being desperate for a relationship so much that you’ve allowed the wrong relationships to manifest in your life? That could be due to your mindset; the mindset of scarcity manifests itself as desperation. What does it mean to be desperate? Merriam-Webster defines desperation as “a state of hopelessness leading to rashness.” This desperation can be illustrated when we begin to accept behaviors or circumstances that if we were acting rational or logical we would not accept. Some examples of these behaviors/circumstances include cheating, domestic violence, stealing;Read More