This Ebony’s story, #HerSurvivalStory. I survived a brutal rape by a serial rapist at the tender age of 15-years-old. I screamed for help as bystanders stood by and refused to step in to stop the rape. My rapist, who was in his mid-thirties and a stranger to me, told the bystanders that it was a “domestic issue.” I pleaded with them to help me yet they all watched me get raped and did nothing. The rape was a defining moment in my life. For years I internalized my pain and sufferedRead More


Mother’s Day recently passed and I received a phone call from my oldest sister trying to repair our relationship. I told her I wasn’t interested. On New Year’s Eve, my middle sister sent me a text proclaiming how much she loved me. I asked her to cease and desist from contacting me. In fact, I’ve told my mother the same and I don’t regret it. Not every conflict ends with a hug, sometimes it takes you removing yourself from the chaos to find your peace. That is what I haveRead More


When we hear about domestic violence, one of the first images that pop into our heads is a man physically abusing a woman. This has been the mascot of domestic violence, and as a consequence has taken the importance away from the other types of abuse that exist in a relationship. This occurs simply because “what you can’t see, you won’t know.” Mental abuse does not leave any physical scars. The police officer who is called in for a dispute cannot see the scar that is embedded in your brain.Read More

Angry Black Woman

I’m not an angry black woman. I’m just fine by myself and that’s where you got it twisted. Oh, so, I’m angry because I no longer pretend like I don’t see or deal with your mess and I choose not to deal with you? As soon as they look at you, yes the ones who have been the misusers and abusers, the first thing they say is, “here comes another angry black woman.” That’s why I don’t date them. I’m sure you don’t date us due to the fact thatRead More


R&B songstress Vivian Green sang a song where she described a relationship with a man as an emotional rollercoaster. You see, things would go very well for a certain amount of time, and then here comes the free fall. Unlike the roller coasters at Six Flags, these types of relationships aren’t fun as the dive into a downward spiral. The drop in rollercoaster relationships usually entails cheating, abuse (mental, physical, verbal, etc.) and down right disrespect. Only to be followed by promises to do and be better. Which of course,Read More