BOOK REVIEW: Teach Me How to Love

It is a process, but the healing has begun. You are now able to see the part you played in the demise of your previous relationships. You are now ready to be open, vulnerable, and let love in. But you are still afraid. Afraid that you still don’t know how to love, or even worse, than you cannot identify when true love is being offered to you. Have no fear, this book is exactly what you need to get passed those walls you’ve built up around your heart and allowRead More


Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about sex. Yesterday, I saw one of those silly main chick versus side chick memes that suggested that main chicks are denying their mates mind blowing sex. Furthermore, the suggestion is that if a man wants to have great, mind blowing, hard to forget sex he can only do that with a woman who is not his woman. You see, many fellas commented that even if the side chick gets upgraded (for lack of a better term because we all know beingRead More


I came back on the dating scene a few years ago right after a divorce and just a blink before my 30th birthday. I thought dating was going to be fun and easy; a few nights out and some perfect outfits and boom, I’d have a boyfriend…not so much. After three years of “dating” I’ve come to realize this new thing that people are doing. Once upon a time people who had endured some serious emotional trauma would be the ones with a wall up that you have to loveRead More


When we hear about domestic violence, one of the first images that pop into our heads is a man physically abusing a woman. This has been the mascot of domestic violence, and as a consequence has taken the importance away from the other types of abuse that exist in a relationship. This occurs simply because “what you can’t see, you won’t know.” Mental abuse does not leave any physical scars. The police officer who is called in for a dispute cannot see the scar that is embedded in your brain.Read More


The other day I asked a question to the Code Red Flag fan page and group members. The question, inspired by the Sandra Bland news reports, was “You get arrested and your bail is $500, can you call the person you’re dating/talking to/having relations with to come bail you out? Would they come? The results were mostly yes. However, there are a few who said they wouldn’t bail anyone out, regardless of the circumstances. This truly amazed me and was a bit disheartening to say the least. Imagine this. YouRead More