So a few weeks ago I wrote about being vulnerable and not letting fear keep us from love.  And while that authenticity was glorious to write, it is soooooooooooooo much harder to practice.  I’ll be the first to admit, I was sipping some sugary, love flavored kool-aid a few weeks ago.  My head was in the clouds as I believed that I had found that special one.  I had it bad! The feeling was similar to plunging into a Babyface pre-divorce daydream (“I’ll cook your food, I’ll buy your clothes”).Read More


Every time I watch this episode in its entirety, it does something to me. It’s not just the episode itself that makes most people cry whenever they see it. It’s the years of watching the love between Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert cultivate into this moment. Who could have envisioned the nerdy New Yorker with the funny flip glasses and the annoying Virginia debutante being suitable for each other? Through the evolution of several years, one sees these two polar opposites fight against and build upon what has already beenRead More


Is it that you are doing too much in a relationship, or is it that you’re doing it for a person who will never appreciate it? We’ve heard the old mantra about women giving out wife benefits before getting the ring. Such benefits include, cooking, cleaning, being a help mate, etc. What’s funny about that mantra is that many of the women who scream this loud are the same women who willingly share their bodies with men they aren’t married to. Or even if not, they are the same womenRead More


Have you ever been involved in a relationship where it was was evident that you were into the other person way more than they were into you? You would profess your love, your commitment to them, and your plans to establish a long-term relationship with them. Over time, your goal in the relationship was to make them and keep them happy at all costs. But regardless of all the good you have done, one mistake and you’re in bad standings and one foot out the door. You find yourself alwaysRead More

I Want Real

I am not good at dating or relationship games. Those kinds of games don’t work for me. I usually end up feeling resentful – resenting myself for not speaking my truth or resenting “him” for some real or perceived misgiving. I have read the praises of the “game.” I have heard about the many different rules of dating, relationships and love.  I have (attempted) to play those games, which is why now I am fully confident that games are not for me. Oh experience!  It is the greatest teacher yet.  With experience comes a more solid conviction about who you are, what youRead More