Wednesday, January 7th, 2015



Is it that you are doing too much in a relationship, or is it that you’re doing it for a person who will never appreciate it? We’ve heard the old mantra about women giving out wife benefits before getting the ring. Such benefits include, cooking, cleaning, being a help mate, etc. What’s funny about that mantra is that many of the women who scream this loud are the same women who willingly share their bodies with men they aren’t married to. Or even if not, they are the same womenRead More


Ahh… Marriage. To some it is the final destination, the last goal on that infamous “To Do List”, the meaning of a complete life. To others it is that dreaded inevitable consequence, the choice to retire after you’ve left the game for whatever apparent reason: forced out, gracefully bowed up, sustained injuries, whatever. Over the last 20 years, more and more marriages have ended in divorce. Is this because we choose the wrong partners, or that we don’t understand the dynamics of marriage? In it’s simplest form, all marriage isRead More