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Dear CRF, “My man posts selfies in a group for people that love black men and he gets responses on how handsome he is, he never talks about me on Facebook or looks at my page unless I ask why he never likes any of my pics, he locked posts on his page so I can’t see what people write. But, I live with him and see him every day and night…he swears he’s just flirting, would this be acceptable to you?” RESPONSE While it’s not acceptable to me, itRead More


This blog was inspired by a conversation that I overheard. No, I wasn’t ear hustling, it’s just that this female was so loud on the bus you couldn’t help but to eavesdrop on the conversation. She was on the phone talking to another female apparently. It appears that it had to do with her boyfriend. She told the female on the phone “Ain’t you tired of being the side chick? Regardless of what you do, he’s always gonna come home to me. That’s my man, and you need to getRead More


Have you ever been involved in a relationship where it was was evident that you were into the other person way more than they were into you? You would profess your love, your commitment to them, and your plans to establish a long-term relationship with them. Over time, your goal in the relationship was to make them and keep them happy at all costs. But regardless of all the good you have done, one mistake and you’re in bad standings and one foot out the door. You find yourself alwaysRead More

Who Knew Celibacy Was Sexy?

October 16th, 2012 was the last time I had sex. I know I know. I’ve heard it all from “girl you’re crazy” to my doctor asking me “what happened.” Truth of the matter is while sex is cool, I’m really looking forward to making love to my husband. Check out my interview as the special guest of the They Met Online radio show as we speak about being sexy and celibate. Yes, it’s possible. Listen here.

Dear CRF, My Sister Invited My Ex…

Dear CRF, “So my sister is getting married this year. I’m so suppose to be in the wedding, but she invited my ex who screwed me over and is the main reason why I moved out of the state to try to start over and rebuild. I told my sister that if she goes I’m not going. Her reply “you need to get over it.” I truly dislike this broad, so am I in the wrong if I don’t go? ” CRF RESPONSE: Thanks for writing in with this issue.Read More