So here is the deal. You think you have finally met your match. All things that matter are in sync….except you have not yet been intimate with your mate. Perhaps the timing has not been right or you want to maintain your virtue until marriage or reach a certain stage in your relationship. I get it! Rightfully so, you should wait until you are ready and comfortable to be physical, develop a trusting bond and know where you stand. Now ask yourself this question. How important is sexual compatibility inRead More

Dear CRF, Should I Tell Him?

Dear CRF, “I love reading all of your posts about your journey and commitment with remaining celibate. I think it’s great and I pray I can be as strong as you are. Question: How soon after meeting a man do you recommend sharing with him your commitment to God and celibacy. In the beginning were you hesitant to share this information with men? I am finding it very hard to believe men will wait for marriage. Even if the woman has made this commitment NOT to pressure him or manipulateRead More

Who Knew Celibacy Was Sexy?

October 16th, 2012 was the last time I had sex. I know I know. I’ve heard it all from “girl you’re crazy” to my doctor asking me “what happened.” Truth of the matter is while sex is cool, I’m really looking forward to making love to my husband. Check out my interview as the special guest of the They Met Online radio show as we speak about being sexy and celibate. Yes, it’s possible. Listen here.