Dear CRF, I am dating someone, at the serious point. Actually planning to get engaged in the upcoming week. We went away for 4th of July and he wanted badly sex while my 4 & 7yr olds just fell asleep. I refused. It’s something I feel is not right especially that we are only gone for two days. He complained so much as if he hadn’t had sex in months. It was in fact a week prior we had sex. The current week I was caught in in construction repairsRead More


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Are you dating for a purpose or for entertainment purposes only? Dating for a purpose means you have clear goals, you know what you want, what you’re willing to accept, and what you’re willing to compromise on. You’re thinking long term while getting to know your person of interest in the short term. During that time, you’ll figure out through your interactions if the two of you share similar goals, work and play well together. Dating for a purpose often happens in our late 20sRead More

Dear CRF, Is This a Sign?

Dear CRF, “I have a friend who has had hard times and whenever I compliment [him] or make reference to how great [he is], it turns into an argument. Just want the best for [him]. But it’s becoming verbal abuse. Is that a sign of an emotionally unavailable person?” CRF RESPONSE: I am sorry you are going through this with your “friend” (using that word loosely because this doesn’t seem like a friendship at all). It is admirable that you have taken into account the difficult time your friend hasRead More

The “P” Ain’t That Powerful…

I’ve had many recent conversations with men about who has the controls in relationships. Of course, every man I’ve talked to says that women hold all the power, and [they claim] that power comes from between our legs. But my experiences and observations tell me that is totally untrue. If that’s the case, many of the situations I’ve lived through wouldn’t have ended the way they did. So either it really ain’t that powerful, or I’m maybe not that good…hmmmmm I once saw a quote on Twitter that summed upRead More

It’s All In the Approach

Yesterday, on the Code Red Flag (“CRF”) Facebook fan page we discussed how men approach women. To start the discussion, I posted this anonymous submission: “‘Seen at the gas station at 7:30am….. Lady walking by- Him: Whas good ma? (munches on random chips) Her: o_O His friend: Well fuck you ol raggely ass laces out wig wearin b*tch. Mud face b*tch. Me: (Long sigh)’ Why do men…I mean manchilds do this?” The responses from the CRF members ranged from, “why did the friend need to say anything” to ” SillyRead More