emotionally unavailable


Are You Available?

The single life is great! Singles get to go on dates, meet new people, and expand their horizons. But there comes a time when a single man or woman wants to start dating with a purpose, instead of for entertainment. Just remember that dating with a purpose requires you to be AVAILABLE and open to being vulnerable with another. So how does one know if they’re available? You’re available if: – You’re not playing games – Don’t have an ex who you keep on the bench – Believe that thereRead More

Dear CRF, Is This a Sign?

Dear CRF, “I have a friend who has had hard times and whenever I compliment [him] or make reference to how great [he is], it turns into an argument. Just want the best for [him]. But it’s becoming verbal abuse. Is that a sign of an emotionally unavailable person?” CRF RESPONSE: I am sorry you are going through this with your “friend” (using that word loosely because this doesn’t seem like a friendship at all). It is admirable that you have taken into account the difficult time your friend hasRead More