Monday, June 30th, 2014


Are You Available?

The single life is great! Singles get to go on dates, meet new people, and expand their horizons. But there comes a time when a single man or woman wants to start dating with a purpose, instead of for entertainment. Just remember that dating with a purpose requires you to be AVAILABLE and open to being vulnerable with another. So how does one know if they’re available? You’re available if: – You’re not playing games – Don’t have an ex who you keep on the bench – Believe that thereRead More

Know Better, Choose Better

Women truly dictate the dating market when it comes to men. Whatever it is women glorify, that generation of men will adjust to becoming. See if women really wanted better men (men who were gainfully employed or business owners, treated them as a high quality female subjects to earn, not a sexual objects to attain, were educated, were creative, etc.) they would simply want better men. But see just as the average consumer believes that whatever is on the market, is all that’s available with little variety in between. WomenRead More