African father helping son with homework

The first memory I have of my father is the day he picked me up from my home in Queens, NY, and whisked me off to Buffalo to visit with his family. All of them were strangers to me then. And now, 37 years later, many of them are still strangers. That visit with him was magical. Before that night, I was not even aware that I came from two people. I had no knowledge that I even HAD a father. But that night, I saw my first Atari 5200,Read More



From the creators of The Sweet Spot… BurrowsInk presents a lavish world of fantasy filled with men, men and more men! Male performers will excite your senses with decadent poetry, gyrating dance, passionate music and exploding laughter. Explore your deepest desires through engaging conversations and elevated exhibitions all taking place in an elegant and pleasure-filled environment. Come have the time of your life at this Pop Erotica production filled with top-40 music, thrilling games and exhilirating performances all designed to keep your heart racing… for all the right reasons! I’llRead More

The Sweet Spot: Make It Rain Edition Baltimore


The Sweet Spot is returning to Baltimore and guess who will be in the building? That’s right, yours truly! Come out and #MakeItRain with me. The Sweet Spot is a high energy, heart-pounding, fist pumping, laugh-out-loud pop erotica event performing in 30+ cities and counting across the US and Canada! This sensational theater production features the world’s best performance poets, live body art, burlesque dance, musicians, top 40 DJs, comedians and more. Come experience the sexier side of life with exciting new performances every time. #ad Footnote: The Sweet SpotRead More


Wanted by Police: Timothy Broussard

A 21 year old man from Larose, LA is currently on the run from the police for several domestic violence related charges. The local news has reported the Broussard pushed his way into his ex girlfriend’s home on May 3, 2017. After a verbal conflict he brandished a knife, threatened, and began to assault his ex who used her body to protect a child who was also in the residence. He is believed to have fled in a stolen 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander with the license plate number XLG572. The SUVRead More



Yes, you read that right. Donald Trump is your homie. Not literally but figuratively. By that I mean, whether you are male or female, you have a homie with a vulgar mouth that you NEVER check. In fact, you often find what he or she says. Whether he’s approached a woman at a bar and asked “what that mouth do” or she has told you how the only thing a man is good for is his pogo stick, your friend is just as bad as Donald Trump and you haveRead More