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A 21 year old man from Larose, LA is currently on the run from the police for several domestic violence related charges. The local news has reported the Broussard pushed his way into his ex girlfriend’s home on May 3, 2017. After a verbal conflict he brandished a knife, threatened, and began to assault his ex who used her body to protect a child who was also in the residence. He is believed to have fled in a stolen 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander with the license plate number XLG572. The SUVRead More

Code Red Flag Alert: Brian Oneal Hale

Code Red Flag Alert

Brian Oneal Hale, also known as Breazy Taylor or Breazy Hale, is the epitome of a red flag. Not only is Brian a lying cheat, he is also abusive and a thief. I know this from personal experience so there aren’t many links to share other than the few that I will add to prove this isn’t just the opinion of some wronged ex but actual facts that Brian Hale is a criminal that women need to stay clear of. These facts can easily be verified. In 2015, I wroteRead More


This Ebony’s story, #HerSurvivalStory. I survived a brutal rape by a serial rapist at the tender age of 15-years-old. I screamed for help as bystanders stood by and refused to step in to stop the rape. My rapist, who was in his mid-thirties and a stranger to me, told the bystanders that it was a “domestic issue.” I pleaded with them to help me yet they all watched me get raped and did nothing. The rape was a defining moment in my life. For years I internalized my pain and sufferedRead More


I ran into my ex the other day. This was not the first time our paths crossed after I escaped the toxic, abusive relationship I had with him. But, it was the first time we spoke. After exchanging pleasantries I noticed he was drunk; not tipsy, but drunk…sloppy. That is a regular state of being for him. Through the night I watched as this man groped random women, stumbled over his own two feet, and come close to getting into several fist fights (yes, I stepped in to save himRead More


When we hear about domestic violence, one of the first images that pop into our heads is a man physically abusing a woman. This has been the mascot of domestic violence, and as a consequence has taken the importance away from the other types of abuse that exist in a relationship. This occurs simply because “what you can’t see, you won’t know.” Mental abuse does not leave any physical scars. The police officer who is called in for a dispute cannot see the scar that is embedded in your brain.Read More