What Men are Looking for in the Long Term

Before we jump off let me give you a little background. I’m thirty-five years old and I’ve long since left my irresponsible twenties behind me. I’ve been married for twelve years to the most amazing woman I’ve ever known. I have two beautiful kids that are well mannered (for the most part), make good grades and have (relatively) normal friends. Most of my friends would consider me an “alpha” male, in that I tend to make decisions easily and don’t mind being aggressive when necessary. Men aren’t complicated. I knowRead More

It’s All In the Approach

Yesterday, on the Code Red Flag (“CRF”) Facebook fan page we discussed how men approach women. To start the discussion, I posted this anonymous submission: “‘Seen at the gas station at 7:30am….. Lady walking by- Him: Whas good ma? (munches on random chips) Her: o_O His friend: Well fuck you ol raggely ass laces out wig wearin b*tch. Mud face b*tch. Me: (Long sigh)’ Why do men…I mean manchilds do this?” The responses from the CRF members ranged from, “why did the friend need to say anything” to ” SillyRead More

Dear CRF, Are Black Men Making Themselves Obsolete?

Dear CRF, My mother and I had a conversation yesterday. She says that black men are making themselves obsolete. She says they don’t want to put in the time, effort or money to date a black woman, they don’t know their position as a man in the household and they are running away from raising their children in droves. I happen to agree with my mother. I was married to a black man who pretended to be a man like my father while we were dating. My father is anRead More