Wednesday, February 26th, 2014


Take Your Pum Pum Off the Clearance Rack

Ladies, have you discounted your pum pum? This video illustrates The Economics of Sex. See, as humans we all want sex. But as women, we are given the power to choose who we decide to give our bodies to and the value of that exchange. For some women a few drinks is the cost. For other, the cost is marriage. Where have you set your price?

It’s All In the Approach

Yesterday, on the Code Red Flag (“CRF”) Facebook fan page we discussed how men approach women. To start the discussion, I posted this anonymous submission: “‘Seen at the gas station at 7:30am….. Lady walking by- Him: Whas good ma? (munches on random chips) Her: o_O His friend: Well fuck you ol raggely ass laces out wig wearin b*tch. Mud face b*tch. Me: (Long sigh)’ Why do men…I mean manchilds do this?” The responses from the CRF members ranged from, “why did the friend need to say anything” to ” SillyRead More