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You recently met a guy. You find him attractive, he finds you attractive so you start developing a quasi friendship to get to know one another. He texts, likes your photos and posts on social media, he may even give you a ring on the phone from time to time. You’re beginning to like him and want to allow yourself to be vulnerable for the possibility of something more to be built from the foundation that seemed to start out so great. My suggestion is to wait until you’ve hadRead More

BOOK REVIEW: Teach Me How to Love

It is a process, but the healing has begun. You are now able to see the part you played in the demise of your previous relationships. You are now ready to be open, vulnerable, and let love in. But you are still afraid. Afraid that you still don’t know how to love, or even worse, than you cannot identify when true love is being offered to you. Have no fear, this book is exactly what you need to get passed those walls you’ve built up around your heart and allowRead More


Dear CRF, “I recently reconnected with an old friend who I’ve known for a little over six years when I lived in NYC. He an I have always had a platonic relationship until about two months ago when we developed a romantic interest. I live on the west coast and he recently moved to the east coast. We recently spent an amazing time together over the holidays and recently had a discussion about our journey in the relationship. Although we haven’t given it a title, we both indicated that thereRead More