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When people talk about marriage, a phrase that is often utilized as a metaphor for the process, is the idea of “two becoming one”.  I was asked recently to describe the intrinsic qualities that separated my wife from the pack, and how I knew she was The One. The truth is, that there is not a set of “bullet points on a list” that a person can check off, to achieve the “one” status, in a man’s heart necessarily.  But in MY particular case, there were definitely some defining characteristicsRead More

BOOK REVIEW: Teach Me How to Love

It is a process, but the healing has begun. You are now able to see the part you played in the demise of your previous relationships. You are now ready to be open, vulnerable, and let love in. But you are still afraid. Afraid that you still don’t know how to love, or even worse, than you cannot identify when true love is being offered to you. Have no fear, this book is exactly what you need to get passed those walls you’ve built up around your heart and allowRead More