‪DEAR CRF‬, “Here’s my new question. There’s a guy that works at the grocery store near my job. For months he’s been giving me looks, asking me how i am and asking to hang out, if i have a boyfriend etc. I had a boyfriend so i couldn’t do anything. Now i am single. The problem is, on his Facebook page it says he’s in a relationship w some girl. Today i finally let him give me his number, but before that i asked if he has a girlfriend. HeRead More

Dear CRF, I’m in Love with Two Women

Dear CRF, “I’m in love with two women, if I hadn’t met one, I would be happy with the other.  But what do you do when you feel “It” for two women?” CRF RESPONSE You find yourself in quite a dilemma. My first suggestion would be to be honest with yourself.  Do you really love these women or are you just loving the affection and attention they are showing you.  If you can honestly answer yes you do love them both then you must respect them both enough to tellRead More

Chapter 1 Flag On the Play: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Mr. Right in a World Full of Mr. Right Nows.

Flag On the Play

Chapter 1 Mr. Hudson River Valley: ‘Separated’ Means Married The Hudson River separates New York from New Jersey, but they are both still connected to it. For most women there is a “valley” of sadness surrounding being with a married person. Most women don’t want to share a man, they want their own man! But somehow, so many of us get caught up making the excuse, “but he’s separated,” and believing all the stories (read: lies) about how horrible his wife is. Ladies, trust me, I speak from experience. WhenRead More