The first memory I have of my father is the day he picked me up from my home in Queens, NY, and whisked me off to Buffalo to visit with his family. All of them were strangers to me then. And now, 37 years later, many of them are still strangers. That visit with him was magical. Before that night, I was not even aware that I came from two people. I had no knowledge that I even HAD a father. But that night, I saw my first Atari 5200,Read More

Dear CRF, Since When Do I Need Permission?

Dear Code Red Flag, “I recently broke up with my children’s father after 11yrs. We have two daughters together and I also have an older daughter from a previous relationship (which he didn’t meet until a yr after dating! I just don’t get down like that, bringing men around my children so easily). Anyway, the convo came up about me eventually dating, which I’m no where near ready to do at this point, but he stated that when the time comes he would have to not only meet the manRead More


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