Recently a friend of mine posted this on Facebook and my blood immediately began to boil. This is what he posted: “I meet so many women who will block their own blessing by EXPECTING a man to bring something to the imaginary table. When in reality if u holding it down it shouldn’t matter what he brings, cause u got this. ‪#‎strongindependent‬ ‪#‎idontneednoman“ That is totally some BULLSH*T! Here’s the thing, it’s not an expectation but a REQUIREMENT for a man to bring something to the table. If a womanRead More

Dear CRF, Are Black Men Making Themselves Obsolete?

Dear CRF, My mother and I had a conversation yesterday. She says that black men are making themselves obsolete. She says they don’t want to put in the time, effort or money to date a black woman, they don’t know their position as a man in the household and they are running away from raising their children in droves. I happen to agree with my mother. I was married to a black man who pretended to be a man like my father while we were dating. My father is anRead More