No Good Cheaters

In most instances, infidelity is a relationship killer. In some cases, the non cheating mate is clueless as to the cheating. Most men and women would like to believe that their mate would never do something to hurt them or cause their relationship to end. Unfortunately, for some cheating is a regular occurrence in their relationship. Many will have you believing that there is shared fault when a significant other cheats: something that was lacking in the relationship was the root cause of the infidelity and therefore the cheaters actionsRead More

Is Cheating the Norm?

On Wednesday, I was the special guest of The Broken Filter Radio Show. Although I went on the show to promote my new book, Flag On the Play, I was given the opportunity to partake in most of the show. I was warned beforehand by one of the fellas that I was going to be coming into the “men’s locker room” and that some of the things that may be said I wouldn’t want to hear. I said cool, some of my closest friends are men and I have fourRead More

Are You the One to Blame?

Tina Campbell, one half of the Mega Gospel Group “Mary Mary”, came forward into admitting she played a part in the infidelity of her husband. She says she takes FULL RESPONSIBILITY, but lets be honest, if her Man was being a Man, he would have told her how he felt and communication on his end would have helped the situation. YES, she claimed she was gone a lot, blamed it on the kids, blamed it on being a strong woman, but those things still don’t play into the full roleRead More

The Year of the Sidechick

Apparently, 2014 is the year of the sidechick. It’s no secret that pop culture has played a part in making the sidechick acceptable. Thanks to shows like Scandal and Being Mary Jane, it would appear that the side piece has crossed over from the underground and into mainstream consciousness. The younger women of today seem to be more open to the idea of being a sidechick, in part, due to pop culture’s influence. At any given time, turn on the radio and you will hear countless songs about a womanRead More

Chapter 1 Flag On the Play: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Mr. Right in a World Full of Mr. Right Nows.

Flag On the Play

Chapter 1 Mr. Hudson River Valley: ‘Separated’ Means Married The Hudson River separates New York from New Jersey, but they are both still connected to it. For most women there is a “valley” of sadness surrounding being with a married person. Most women don’t want to share a man, they want their own man! But somehow, so many of us get caught up making the excuse, “but he’s separated,” and believing all the stories (read: lies) about how horrible his wife is. Ladies, trust me, I speak from experience. WhenRead More