Not many people consider cohabitation a part of the relationship experience, because it is known once a couple enters that kinda of commitment. They dont last long, and soon break-apart. There are so many issues and pressures when it comes to living with your partner, space, time, and money. How can you combat it? How can you last longer than most? I myself have been in a cohabiting relationship for about 3 years we celebrated our 3rd year this November. I can admit it hasn’t been an easy sailing street,Read More

Give Me a Break!

Or some space, time to think, etc. are some phrases that make relationships even harder then they have to be. Often, breaks, space, and time are just precursors for the inevitable; a break up. But when is a break just a break? When is space just space? When is time just a moment to reflect to come back stronger and better than ever? Often, these phrases are used by those who are uncomfortable with having the break up talk. Instead of using our communication skills, which ultimately is the causeRead More