Give Me a Break!

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Or some space, time to think, etc. are some phrases that make relationships even harder then they have to be.

Often, breaks, space, and time are just precursors for the inevitable; a break up. But when is a break just a break? When is space just space? When is time just a moment to reflect to come back stronger and better than ever?

Often, these phrases are used by those who are uncomfortable with having the break up talk. Instead of using our communication skills, which ultimately is the cause of many breakups, many of us prefer the easy way out. Only thing, nothing is easy when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Not every relationship we enter will last forever or end in happily ever after. And guess what? That’s ok.

Every relationship however is a lesson. A lesson on what we look for, what we won’t stand for, and how we react to others. As such, once the lesson has been learned it’s okay to turn in the test. Rather, know when we are finished.

So if you’re wondering whether your relationship needs a break, space, or time, first try communication. Speak honestly to your partner regarding whether each of you are getting what each other needs out of the relationship. If the lack is workable then by all means work on your relationship. If not then it’s okay to break up and move on to your next lesson.

Just remember, “Some people come into your life for reason, season, or lifetime.”
Written by Dena Reid, Esq, Founder of Code Red Flag

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