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Not many people consider cohabitation a part of the relationship experience, because it is known once a couple enters that kinda of commitment. They dont last long, and soon break-apart. There are so many issues and pressures when it comes to living with your partner, space, time, and money. How can you combat it? How can you last longer than most? I myself have been in a cohabiting relationship for about 3 years we celebrated our 3rd year this November. I can admit it hasn’t been an easy sailing street, we’ve done a lot of things that we admit should have taken time rather than jump into things.

Now lets get down to business.

Money is a huge issue when you are cohabiting, whos going to pay the bills? whos buying food? are we still going to date? These and many more questions range when you are in a relationship. The simple answer to this is do you have a job? Does your partner have a job? If both have a job then the simple answer is that bills usually should be shared 50/50 in order to be fair. When thinking about this, you have to ask when coming into a relationship whats going to happen when you live together. When it comes down to it, things like money needs to be discussed and taken care of.

Now space, space is a huge thing as well when it comes to cohabiting relationships , when you live together space is something that is given but sometimes you dont have. When in a cohabiting relationship , giving your partner space and time helps when it comes to cohabiting relationship. You are around each other , almost everyday going to bed and waking up sometimes that is tiring and time apart really does help. Going for a Girls night out, or letting have a girls night out is wonderful. I often take trips to visit my family often a week or two, clears the head and I get to spend time with my family and friends from my hometown as well. My Boyfriend often spends time with friends on his own, and takes trips to visit his family in the next state and so on. It helps, when you spend time apart makes the heart grow fonder. And it helps when you believe that you want some alone time.

Then, there is time when all is said and done giving your partner your time is something worthwhile. Sitting down and watching a movie together no cellphones or anything. Waking up and making him breakfast, starting his car, making sure his favorite outfit is washed. Small things go along way, when it comes down to it. Then you have to ask, well what about me? You can get pampered as well its the small things that go a long way when things happen. Flowers on a random day, making dinner when you usually cook, watching a movie that he usually wouldn’t want to watch with you partner. Him being there for you when you need it, the small things that count when it comes to making a relationship work especially a cohabiting one.

Apart from all these, hints and problems that come with cohabiting relationship there is also other things that make a relationship strong. Such as communication and trust. As well as other building blocks, I am only someone who can give advice based on my relationship and what I have been through. This in no way the same in every relationship, just a bit of advice.
Written by Bianca Nunez, blogger and host of two blogs College Girl Blogger is my review site which covers a wide range of products. My other blog is my personal thoughts on life. I am a full time online student studying for my degree in criminal justice.

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