10 Things Men Should Strive For In Their Next Relationship

If you’re looking for advice on finding love again from a guy’s perspective, get ready to do some digging. The lion’s share of post-split advice out there is geared toward women, written to help them get over Mr. Wrong so they can find Mr. Right. But finding lasting love poses just as many challenges for men as it does for women. That’s why we were happy to see a recent Reddit thread pop up on the one thing men should strive for in a relationship. Read some of the mostRead More


DEAR CRF, “My man says that he’s jealous when I’m around a male friend of mine who I’ve had a past with but it’s over and done with. However, my man says he feels that my male friend still has feelings for me. Should I stop hanging out with him or should I tell my man to check his jealousy? Is this a #CRF?” CRF RESPONSE It’s easy to call him jealous and insecure but in this situation, if roles were reversed, how secure would you be? I’m not sayingRead More