Dear CRF, Should I Make Him Wait?

Dear CRF “When first meeting someone who you’re interested in dating…after the first date, why is it suggested to wait a week or so before seeing them again? My friend told me to “make him wait a week or so”, but to me, that seems like game playing.  She says it will make him miss me, well we just met, so I am not sure he’d miss me anyway. I know I don’t like when someone plays these games with me, so I am not sure I’d want to doRead More

Dear CRF, What Are the Rules?

Dear CRF, “What are the real rules in dating? I’m new to the dating scene and my question is if I’m not in an exclusive boyfriend and girlfriend relationship is it fair or right to go out on dates with different men. And there’s is no sex involved what’s so ever either. I need your help I’m not sure which way is right.” CRF RESPONSE The only rule I have for dating is based on the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” ButRead More