His Ex Still Loves Him

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Dear CRF,

“I know this may sound stupid becauseĀ it’s not a #CRF with my relationship but it pisses me off that my fiance’s ex still loves him. She did him dirty twice, was into the club thing so much and left him till where he turned in to a bad alcoholic. Before I met him he changed got his life together has a good job, we have a daughter, and are engaged to be married. Its been 3 yes since we been together. Idk why it pisses me off to where I just wanna go off on her because how you do someone like that and now their life is in order now you love them. Should I go off on her or just leave it alone?”


I’m guessing there is more to this situation than you’re revealing. It’s been 3 years. You’re about to get married to him. Why is this woman still a factor in your life? I suggest you focus your energy on something else.



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