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You’re making love and she seems really into it, I mean really really into it. She’s breathing heavy, her toes are curling, she’s screaming your name and finally you climax. You roll off of her into the spooning position and ask, “did you orgasm?” And she says no.

What, that can’t be! What were all the theatrics about?

Well, a recent study shows that a whopping 85% of women make noise during sex to BOOST THEIR LOVER’S EGO! Not because she was lost in ecstasy, but because she wants you to feel good about your performance.

That’s not to say your lover isn’t satisfied with your performance. See unlike men, women don’t always achieve an orgasm during sex. That is one of the reasons foreplay is so important. In fact, there are some women who have ever only achieved a clitoral orgasm. Penetration won’t get them to their climax, so all the thrusting in the world won’t make a difference.

So, in an effort to illustrate their enjoyment some women make noise. This may seem deceitful, in fact it just may be. Think of it like your answer to the baby do I look fat question. You say what needs to be said to make your partner feel good and maintain the peace.

Fellas, have you ever wondered if she was faking with you? Ladies, are you a noise maker? Why or why not?

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