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What do you do on Valentine’s Day when the spark is gone?

When the flames burn out the passion and romance is gone. Many in relationships are wondering how two people could get to such a place where they just don’t feel the same way about one other. Reflecting upon the way it use to be when the fire burned and being apart for a moment was hard.

Remember the first Valentine’s Day you spent together? Remember when things were so good that when you were apart all you could think about was one another? Talking on the phone in the late night hours was the thing to do. Do you remember when you heard the voice of your significant other or knew date night was approaching how butterflies tickled your belly? Sometimes not having money wasn’t even a factor as long as the two of you spent time with one another. Then when you had that first quarrel it made you sick to the bones.

It was the moment you realized that when you were in love no one else mattered. Even when you were at work your mind was distracted by this new place in your heart. It’s really sad that some relationships go through the loss of this feeling.

So, how do we rekindle the spark and keep the flames hot?

If falling in love is such an amazing experience, what happened when the fire went out? Did you allow the test of time to cause you to forget the things you felt from the beginning? Do you feel like the person you met before deceived you or was never who you thought they were? Maybe in your mind, this person has changed. All of these are questions you will need to answer if you will move forward in this dull dry place. If this is not the person you thought they were, can you love them anyway or would it be best to let it go? If your answer is no then gain the strength to walk away in integrity. If your answer is yes work on beginning again then reflect on what made you fall in love.

Think about the way you felt about your significant other’s personality. Think about what attracted you to the person. What did you like about him or her? Have the two of you allowed life, work, or financial strain to cause a separation? All of these questions are reasons to communicate and learn the power of forgiving. Listen to one another and express feelings.

The best relationships are built on honesty, friendship, and trust. Don’t expect overnight change but trust the process because every relationship is based on test in order to grow. If the two of you are feeling bored with one another this can only mean that there is something underlying wrong with the relationship.

Great relationships only get better with time. Be creative and think of different things the two of you can do for entertainment. Keep your flame hot by never taking one another for granted and spending quality time with each other. Build one another, compromise, and respect one another.

This Valentine’s Day remember, flames only go out when you forget to act on love.
Written by, Author—Motivational Speaker—Victoria Sheffield.

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