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First dates can be anywhere from awkward to completely exciting. In the beginning stages of dating someone, everyone always seems to put their best foot forward. It takes time before you really see the true, transparent person you are dealing with. IMO, it’s the first date that you get to truly see the habits of a person and the details they forget about while putting on their “good face”. There are a couple things that you can pay attention to in the beginning to see if this new guy has the potential to be your Prince Charming.

1. The First Date

The first date is very important. If you and your new guy end up getting serious, the first date sort of marks the spot for where it all began. Most of the time, there is a getting to know each other period that happens before the first date. It is a good sign if your guy incorporates some of your likes into the date. If the date is generic, it may be a sign that your guy isn’t that great of a listener.

2. Is Chivalry Dead?

Depending on how well you know your guy, you may allow him to pick you up for your first date. When he arrives to pick you up, he shows you your first sign of if he is chivalrous or not. If he isn’t, don’t completely rule him out, but you might need to train him on the little things. However, if he beeps the horn when outside, kick him to the curb. That is just straight disrespectful. If he sends you a text and doesn’t get out, when you get in the car, politely ask in conversation why he didn’t come knock on the door or ring the doorbell. If he didn’t get out to open the door for you, take a mental note on that too. If you meet your guy instead of riding with him, pay attention on if he steps up to open the door or pull out your chair (if applicable). Some guys genuinely, forget, so if he does, stand in front of the door and smile so he knows to open it. The sad fact is that some guys aren’t chivalrous because they have never had to be. It’s important that you show him how a queen will be treated.

3. His Appearance

You can tell if a guy took some time on his appearance before your date. Especially if he isn’t a pretty boy type of dude. If he is dressed nice, hair cut, smelling good, it shows that he wants to impress you. My boyfriend is a simple guy who would do everything in sweats or basketball shorts if he could. I already knew that about him before we dated. It was good to see that on our first date and every date after that, the time was taken to look nice for me.

4. Is His Phone Out?

This is a big one. If the phone is out, it sends a message that the date isn’t more important than whatever else he has going on. If he keeps checking texts, social media, etc, that’s a red flag. There should be enough conversation to last for the duration of the date. If there isn’t something is wrong.

First dates should be fun and exciting. Don’t over analyze and read too much into every little thing he does. These are just a few things to pay attention to when trying to really read him.
Written by Tatum Temia for her blog Dear Regina

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