verbal abuse



Mother’s Day recently passed and I received a phone call from my oldest sister trying to repair our relationship. I told her I wasn’t interested. On New Year’s Eve, my middle sister sent me a text proclaiming how much she loved me. I asked her to cease and desist from contacting me. In fact, I’ve told my mother the same and I don’t regret it. Not every conflict ends with a hug, sometimes it takes you removing yourself from the chaos to find your peace. That is what I haveRead More

Dear CRF, Is This a Sign?

Dear CRF, “I have a friend who has had hard times and whenever I compliment [him] or make reference to how great [he is], it turns into an argument. Just want the best for [him]. But it’s becoming verbal abuse. Is that a sign of an emotionally unavailable person?” CRF RESPONSE: I am sorry you are going through this with your “friend” (using that word loosely because this doesn’t seem like a friendship at all). It is admirable that you have taken into account the difficult time your friend hasRead More