side chick



This blog was inspired by a conversation that I overheard. No, I wasn’t ear hustling, it’s just that this female was so loud on the bus you couldn’t help but to eavesdrop on the conversation. She was on the phone talking to another female apparently. It appears that it had to do with her boyfriend. She told the female on the phone “Ain’t you tired of being the side chick? Regardless of what you do, he’s always gonna come home to me. That’s my man, and you need to getRead More

The Year of the Sidechick

Apparently, 2014 is the year of the sidechick. It’s no secret that pop culture has played a part in making the sidechick acceptable. Thanks to shows like Scandal and Being Mary Jane, it would appear that the side piece has crossed over from the underground and into mainstream consciousness. The younger women of today seem to be more open to the idea of being a sidechick, in part, due to pop culture’s influence. At any given time, turn on the radio and you will hear countless songs about a womanRead More