settle down



Most of us reach a point of maturity in our lives where we want to settle down. Where we want somebody that is compatible, somebody who meets most of our expectations, and most importantly, somebody who is going to be there and love us for the long haul. Through our various experiences dating, we have come to terms with what this mate should be like. Through consensus, most women feel like they need to meet a man who is completely focused on them. A man who from the beginning putsRead More

Relationships: What Are They Again?

I know I promised to write about the new series, “Being Mary Jane” and I always try to uphold a promise. Even though the above subject is pretty universal and talks about relationships or what they seem to be becoming to me, I will also be touching on the series. As most of you who probably watch the show know, it’s the story about a well-educated and professional black woman struggling with the one persistent and nagging cry of most black women with the same attributes…that is trying to findRead More