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Marriage in America is facing a variety of novel changes and challenges. I am not referring to the current legal battles regarding who is and is not allowed to marry, but rather the hurdles facing couples who do enter into marriage. Over the past several decades, the nature of marriage has changed. Many people are choosing to live their lives with partners without getting legally married, and Americans are increasingly more approving of this option (Marquart et al., 2012). Unfortunately, people who do marry have roughly a 50 percent chanceRead More

Dear CRF, “Am I Killing My Relationship?”

Dear CRF, Am I killing my relationship? I am a single mother of one with a full time job and I am also a full time student. I am in a relationship of less than one year and we have talked about being together for the long hall. I think this is a great idea and believe that if it is meant to happen it will all fall into place in due time, but for now I should take care of myself, get my career on track and solely provideRead More