Angry Black Woman

I’m not an angry black woman. I’m just fine by myself and that’s where you got it twisted. Oh, so, I’m angry because I no longer pretend like I don’t see or deal with your mess and I choose not to deal with you? As soon as they look at you, yes the ones who have been the misusers and abusers, the first thing they say is, “here comes another angry black woman.” That’s why I don’t date them. I’m sure you don’t date us due to the fact thatRead More

Make the Decision to be Happy and Whole

Some people have damaged childhood i.e. memories/pain that filter into adulthood. As caretakers, we are responsible for building positive self-esteem by modeling and showing love, appreciation, acceptance and demonstrating conflict resolution is a positive light. Furthermore, in order to have healthy relationships, you must work on the inner demons that cause you to become stagnant, withdrawn and lonely. Most people make the mistake of carrying the same negative baggage into a new relationship only to see it destroyed because of the same patterns/issues i.e. infidelity, insecurity, jealousy, low self-esteem. YouRead More

Dear CRF, My Sister Invited My Ex…

Dear CRF, “So my sister is getting married this year. I’m so suppose to be in the wedding, but she invited my ex who screwed me over and is the main reason why I moved out of the state to try to start over and rebuild. I told my sister that if she goes I’m not going. Her reply “you need to get over it.” I truly dislike this broad, so am I in the wrong if I don’t go? ” CRF RESPONSE: Thanks for writing in with this issue.Read More