Mr. Right Now



You recently met a guy. You find him attractive, he finds you attractive so you start developing a quasi friendship to get to know one another. He texts, likes your photos and posts on social media, he may even give you a ring on the phone from time to time. You’re beginning to like him and want to allow yourself to be vulnerable for the possibility of something more to be built from the foundation that seemed to start out so great. My suggestion is to wait until you’ve hadRead More


Game recognize game! “A manipulative man can spot a vulnerable woman a mile away. “ Gwendolyn Owens (Real Talk) Ladies, do you really know your worth? Do you recognize the red flags? If you are not getting what you need and want, then it’s time to say BYE BYE!!! Don’t try to force a relationship to work! If he is a liar, only sees you at night (at your place), you can only call at certain times, he hasn’t introduced you to his close friends and family and he’s askingRead More

Chapter 1 Flag On the Play: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Mr. Right in a World Full of Mr. Right Nows.

Flag On the Play

Chapter 1 Mr. Hudson River Valley: ‘Separated’ Means Married The Hudson River separates New York from New Jersey, but they are both still connected to it. For most women there is a “valley” of sadness surrounding being with a married person. Most women don’t want to share a man, they want their own man! But somehow, so many of us get caught up making the excuse, “but he’s separated,” and believing all the stories (read: lies) about how horrible his wife is. Ladies, trust me, I speak from experience. WhenRead More