Issa Rae’s brand new show, “Insecure,” has captured the imagination and the realities of far too many of us in its pilot season. For those who haven’t watched the show, I’d encourage you to catch up. It airs on HBO. In short, the show follows the lives of three late 20-something’s as they grapple with the reality of ever looming adulthood. Complete with the full gamut of adult issues, ranging from employment issues, to the full gamut of friendship and relationship troubles. It represents a mirror for each of theRead More


If you’re like me, for the last week you’ve probably been wondering what the hell did Laurence Fishburne do? And why, per the interwebs, he ain’t shit anymore? I’m kidding. Like many of you, for the past week I’ve been treated to a barrage of Iyanla-like prescriptions of what is supposedly so WRONG with Lawrence, the fictional character from Issa Rae’s new HBO show ‘Insecure.’ And after reading a few op-eds sum up Jay Ellis’s character as “no prize,” “unambitious,” and a “shiftless bum,” I started to notice a trend,Read More

Yes!!! It’s Time to Let Go!

Statistics show that women have a tendency to stay in a failed relationship far too long. What reasons do you stay when you know it is over? Are there childhood issues i.e. abandonment, absentee father, afraid child’s father will be a dead- beat dad or low self- esteem? Some women stay because the ring has been purchased, house has been bought and everyone is expecting a wedding. The question is what do YOU really want to do? Can you love, cherish, and commit to this person for the rest ofRead More

Clingy Cheaters

Clingy partners are most likely to cheat, according to a new study. A new infidelity reveals that insecure people who find it hard to trust are more likely to commit adultery compared to their more confident counterparts. Researchers at Florida State University studied 200 newlyweds over a period of four years. Participants were regularly asked to complete questionnaires about their feelings toward their partner and how secure their felt in the relationship. The findings revealed that people who displayed needy behavior and who were anxious about being abandoned by theirRead More