Angry Black Woman

I’m not an angry black woman. I’m just fine by myself and that’s where you got it twisted. Oh, so, I’m angry because I no longer pretend like I don’t see or deal with your mess and I choose not to deal with you? As soon as they look at you, yes the ones who have been the misusers and abusers, the first thing they say is, “here comes another angry black woman.” That’s why I don’t date them. I’m sure you don’t date us due to the fact thatRead More


You know what? I hate arguing. Even more so, I hate arguing when it doesn’t look like we are getting anywhere. Especially if it means fighting all night. I use to subscribe to the ‘never go to bed angry’ way of thinking, but, after a while, I realized just how selfish and silly it is. Of course no one likes arguing and no one like going to bed angry but if while you and your s/o are fighting and a resolution nor and end seems to be in sight, someoneRead More