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It used to be so easy……do you remember?

When all you had to do was give him that look, just one look, a slight touch and maybe linger around a little longer at the goodnight kiss. At the beginning of most relationship the slightest gesture from you was all you need to have your man like putty in your hand, and to get your pulse racing too. But then life kicks in and now the once passionate fire that engulfed you and your husband has died down too little more than a matchstick flame.

Hey don’t worry though, there is no reason you can’t release your inner seductress. With these 5 tips below you can reignite that seductive flame and will not only have your husband drooling for you all over again, but also strengthen the bond the two of you have. Oh and remind you of how God damn sexy you are.

Be a tease

The right amount of withholding can be one of the most powerful ways to be incredibly sexy. Try being a little naughty at the most wrong times. I am talking about when you two are at the park or the movies, hell even when you are at your mother in laws for dinner. Rubbing his leg or thigh under the table, whispering something a little naughty in his ear…. all these things will get his heart racing. Remember though, the key to this is to just tease, don’t go fully in, just a little taste to get his imagination going.

Be spontaneous

Being in a long-term relationship it’s easy to get caught in routine, and the one thing about routines is they are predictable…….and predictability becomes boring really fast. Think about the last few times you and your husband where intimate, chances are it was right before you went to bed right? Try initiating sex at a moment your husband is not expecting it…… the morning, as he hops in the shower, at his office or even in the car……….doing this will defiantly catch your man of guard and is more than likely to help spark that flame.

Take charge

Now most of the time we allow our man to take charge, making him feel like a man is a part of a wife’s role, but sometimes a woman has got to stand up and take charge, especially in the bedroom. One night tell your husband you are in charge for the night, don’t even give him a option in this………let him sit back and relax as you take control and direct the ship in any sexy direction you want it to go. This change will definitely catch your husband off guard and send his arousal levels through the roof.

Nice to meet you

Now this one is a little different and involves you each needing a little sense of humour and a pinch of acting ability and that’s to pretend to be strangers……okay so you might actually have to get your significant other in on this one to avoid any confusion on his part, organize to meet up somewhere and pretend to not know one another……….it could be a bar, museum, restaurant, the place you had your first date, hell you could even go to a nightclub full of 21 year olds and pretend to meet for the first time. This role playing game blended in with a touch of fantasy is a great way for you and your husband to get that fire burning again……who knows you might hit it off so well that you end up leaving with each other

Romantic Escape

This is another one that you could get your husband in on, but personally I think surprising him with a little weekend escape is even better. Getaway one weekend when you would usually just be at home with no real commitments, then surprise your hubby with a getaway, this doesn’t have to be anything overtop budget wise, even a Airbnb getaway near the ocean or to the country for a night is more than a enough to get that romantic candle burning bright again.
Written by Marie the owner of Bad Bunny Perth. She brings knowledge, seduction, flirting and overall sexiness to all she meets.

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