Make the Decision to be Happy and Whole

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Some people have damaged childhood i.e. memories/pain that filter into adulthood. As caretakers, we are responsible for building positive self-esteem by modeling and showing love, appreciation, acceptance and demonstrating conflict resolution is a positive light.

Furthermore, in order to have healthy relationships, you must work on the inner demons that cause you to become stagnant, withdrawn and lonely. Most people make the mistake of carrying the same negative baggage into a new relationship only to see it destroyed because of the same patterns/issues i.e. infidelity, insecurity, jealousy, low self-esteem. You have to put your pain/challenges into perspective.

Do the work to overcome those emotional traps. Learn from your mistakes, forgive the person and yourself, and begin living a life that is fulfilling. Everyone has a painful story but the way we handle setbacks determine how we live our lives in the future. Happiness is a choice! You must love and embrace who you are as a person and know that you have something to offer. Then, you can have healthy relationships in all aspects of your life.

Love is essential for a healthy existence.
Written by Gwendolyn Owens Founder of Relationships Start With You and Women’s Advocate/Relationship Expert/Speaker/Blogger

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