Let’s Get Married

Quick question, which is more desirous of marriage – men or women? I think the easy answer would be women. And how could it not, when, since the womb, women have been reared towards monogamy and, ultimately, marriage. From their parents teaching them to find a good husband to settle down with to every Disney cartoon with a prince and a princess hooking up and falling in love happily ever after, influence of marriage is everywhere. Even though this may seem harmless, it could lead to added and unwanted pressure,Read More

Dear CRF, My Sister Invited My Ex…

Dear CRF, “So my sister is getting married this year. I’m so suppose to be in the wedding, but she invited my ex who screwed me over and is the main reason why I moved out of the state to try to start over and rebuild. I told my sister that if she goes I’m not going. Her reply “you need to get over it.” I truly dislike this broad, so am I in the wrong if I don’t go? ” CRF RESPONSE: Thanks for writing in with this issue.Read More