Have you found yourself being desperate for a relationship so much that you’ve allowed the wrong relationships to manifest in your life? That could be due to your mindset; the mindset of scarcity manifests itself as desperation. What does it mean to be desperate? Merriam-Webster defines desperation as “a state of hopelessness leading to rashness.” This desperation can be illustrated when we begin to accept behaviors or circumstances that if we were acting rational or logical we would not accept. Some examples of these behaviors/circumstances include cheating, domestic violence, stealing;Read More


DEAR CRF, “Here’s My question. A man proposes to you while He’s living with you, splits bills and all. He bought a wedding band set. He gives you engagement ring but after several months becomes physically abusive. You love him but not ready to let things go. Do you give back engagement ring, wedding band or both. He lives with you so you have access to wedding band. He just needs to stop the lies and abuse to make it work. No cheating involved… just drunken lies and drunken abuse.”Read More


One of your friends is dying on the inside while holding on to a toxic relationship. You see, she doesn’t feel as though she can let go because she’s too worried about what folks think. It’s partly because she’s put too much about their relationship out there to the public before she really knew what she kind of man she was dealing with. Another reason is that she doesn’t want people to see yet another failed relationship. She is trying hard to prove it isn’t her fault, that she’s aRead More

Which Of These Intimacy Infractions Are You Committing?

Too many want relationships while they are still angry or hurt about previous ones, but won’t admit it. They expect their new partner to prove them wrong about all their negative ideas about love. Others are in auto pilot relationships where they do what they do because they’ve been doing it, not because it gets them the happiness their hearts actually long for. Still others are putting themselves to sleep night after night with tears in their ears, surrounded by darkness, silently suffering while lying next to someone they’ve beenRead More

Yes!!! It’s Time to Let Go!

Statistics show that women have a tendency to stay in a failed relationship far too long. What reasons do you stay when you know it is over? Are there childhood issues i.e. abandonment, absentee father, afraid child’s father will be a dead- beat dad or low self- esteem? Some women stay because the ring has been purchased, house has been bought and everyone is expecting a wedding. The question is what do YOU really want to do? Can you love, cherish, and commit to this person for the rest ofRead More