There’s A Thin Line Between Interest & Thirst

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the premiere episode do Season 2 of the online talkshow DECODED. Our first topic will be There’s A Thin Line Between Interest & Thirst. Author Keith Edward Bernard was our special guest. He joined to help us identify the differences.  

Who’s Thirsty?

  That pretty young thing you see above is my cousin Cam. While visiting her dad here in New York a while back, Cam met a man. To say that he piqued her interest would be an understatement, but revealingly, her attraction to him was more about what he didn’t do than what he did. They met while she was out at one of Harlem’s liveliest nightspots, the kind of place where a dude might even try it with Michelle Obama if her eyes linger long enough. Unlike his would-beRead More