gold diggers



Why do some women feel it is their right to take advantage of the good guy in their life? I’ve noticed women will play games and manipulate men just because he is a good guy. Not the guy who walks around telling everyone how much of a good guy he is but rather the man that shows he’s a good by through his actions. While at a Happy Hour event last month, I saw a woman who had been drinking tell the bartender to put her drinks on a guy’sRead More

Check Your Bait

Time after time, I’ve heard men complain about women using them for material gain. It’s a large fear. In fact, as I survey men for book research I am overwhelmed by the amount of them who list fear that a woman will take everything they work for in a divorce as the primary reason they shy away from marriage. How realistic is that fear? Very! It takes one glance at a gossip magazine or a quick click to TMZ to read or see stories of men who are losing millionsRead More