YOU, ME, & SHE: 3’s Company

One of the reasons that relationships fail is that we have too many outside parties involved in our relationships. We all have friends, some closer than others, and we at times confide in these people. These are the people that have supported us in our times of greatness and at our lowest moments. We sometimes look to them for answers when we lack clarity or are too emotionally infused to find our own resolves. Friends can be wonderful assets. But just like a coin has two sides, friends can alsoRead More


Do we stay in bad relationships, even when it hurts? I for one, have been involved in a bad relationship in the past, and stayed way too long! At first, I told myself things would get better, but it never did – the unfaithfulness continued. There are never any advantages in staying in a loveless or unrewarding relationship. While I thought I loved him and he me, I came to realize it was a relationship built on lies, physical attraction and convenience. After a while, it becomes a habit ofRead More