100% Trust is Emotional Fiction, Not Intimate Fact

100% trust is fiction. We don’t even trust OURSELVES 100%, yet many of us have the ridiculous idea that we’re supposed to be able to trust someone else 100% before they’re ‘worthy’ our ‘love’. The ‘100% trust’ fallacy is a cornerstone that the demise of many relationships is built on – many before they even start. The whole idea of 100% trust has somehow become synonymous with “You can NEVER intentionally lie, cheat, or let me down.” Therefore, as soon as you “mess up” – which is inevitable, by theRead More

Dear CRF, My Sister Invited My Ex…

Dear CRF, “So my sister is getting married this year. I’m so suppose to be in the wedding, but she invited my ex who screwed me over and is the main reason why I moved out of the state to try to start over and rebuild. I told my sister that if she goes I’m not going. Her reply “you need to get over it.” I truly dislike this broad, so am I in the wrong if I don’t go? ” CRF RESPONSE: Thanks for writing in with this issue.Read More