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Is marriage being taken too lightly when a couple decides to say “I do” just days, weeks, or even months after first meeting? 

I’ve heard of falling in love at first sight, although I’ve never experienced this phenomenon.  But, if it’s truly love what’s the rush?

Why not take some time to learn your new beau and allowing him/her to learn you?  Or is that the mindset of fear?

Can a love be sustained after running down the aisle by truly accepting your partner flaws and all? Afterall, no matter how long you know a person there will always be things that come up or character traits to be learned along the way…people do change. So, the man or woman you meet day 1 is not likely to be the man or woman you have day 672.

While a shotgun wedding may not be the way I’d operate, I don’t have evidence to prove that such a love cannot withstand the test of time.

What are your thoughts?  Is it ever too soon to say “I do?”
Written by Dena Reid, Esq. Founder of Code Red Flag

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Well, my husband and I got married within 9 months of meeting each other and I don't regret it at all almost 3 years later, so I can't really judge this one, Don't know that I would do it in weeks, but you know what? Marriages used to happen in seconds in older days when caravans would come through towns people would get married after just meeting, and of course there are arranged marriages so hey I say if she and he are happy, leave it be. Time will tell.