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Dear CRF‬, “When you are dating someone with kids (one person or both people) exclusively, when should you expect to come first? In marriage, you are suppose to come first but what is the transitional period? Coming first does not happen over night.”

When just dating, there is no relationship so of course prioritize your children above all things. However, I am willing to bet that you are a Christian woman who believes in the order that God has given us; Him, spouse, and then children. If that is the case, once your relationship has changed from dating to courtship and there is a plan to make your union official (as in a plan for marriage) I believe you must change your priorities as God has laid them out in the Bible. The trick to doing this is to choose a man who has the best interests of the family in mind. A man who will put God first. A man like that will never allow you or your family to suffer. That is the kind of man who deserves to be a woman’s first priority.

~Dena Reid, Esq., Founder of Code Red Flag.

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