Dear CRF: I Haven’t Caught Him Red Handed

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Dear CRF:

“Ok so i wasn’t going to do it but i think its time… i am currently dating this guy for almost 2 yrs now it seems as if he has no motivation and or drive, he’s not working but he has a side job of moving and hauling which he barely make any money. He recently had to move in with his parents do to financial problems i live alone with my two kids and we have plans to move together really soon because he promised that he will be getting a full time job. the biggest problem that i have with him is that he goes out way too much in a course of a weeks time i have to say that he goes out 3 times now granted he used to do that before we got together but he knows that i have a problem with him going to these bars bc there is nothing good that will come out of that situation. he has a lot of “female friends” in which they post pics on fb of the time that hang out at the bar and some of the pic are questionable he also loves to message different women on tagged on he oovoo and skype i know this bc i looked through his computer i know its time for me to go but i have never actually caught him red handed.”

CRF Response:

No need to catch him “red handed”, you have all the information you need in front of you. You’re an adult with two children to take care of. This man barely has income and lives with his mother yet has time to party several times a week. Where are his priorities? He doesn’t have any. There’s a huge difference between a man who is willing to do anything to work and become stable compared to the man you’ve described here. Save yourself now and move on. You’re busy questioning when you will be moving in together and who the the girls in his facebook posts are. Let his mother worry about that. You said “I know it’s time for me to go,” and that’s the truth. Don’t even look back. All the best to you.


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