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Actress Tasha Smith, of Why Did I Get Married fame, was recently ordered to pay her ex-husband $7,000 a month in spousal support, also known as alimony. This is in addition to the $50,000 she compensated him back in November (likely as alimony pendente) while they awaited the final divorce decree.

Some are calling her husband out as being less than a man for seeking and accepting spousal support, but women need to be mindful that with equal rights (benefits) come equal responsibilities (liabilities). As such, just as many men have negotiated pre nuptial agreements before saying I do, it would be wise for women to begin to do the same.

While discussing Smith’s alimony order today on Code Red Flag’s Facebook page, attorney Erick Murray-Knox reminds us that:

In general, there are four types of alimony.

Temporary alimony: Support ordered when the parties are separated prior to divorce. Also called alimony pendente lite, which is Latin, meaning, “pending the suit”.

Rehabilitative alimony: Support given to a lesser-earning spouse for a period of time necessary to acquire work outside the home and become self-sufficient.

Permanent alimony: Support paid to the lesser-earning spouse until the death of the payor, the death of the recipient, or the remarriage of the recipient.

Reimbursement alimony: Support given as a reimbursement for expenses incurred by a spouse during the marriage (such as educational expenses).

As you see, nothing about the descriptions/categories above suggest that alimony is or should be gender specific. As such, a man has as much of a right to petition the court for spousal support as a woman. Just as I would disagree that women who seek alimony are gold diggers I disagree that men who seek it are any less of a man. I would however suggest that couples negotiate a pre nuptial agreement prior to saying, “I do.”

If you and your fiance would like to draft a pre nuptial agreement, consider utilizing a mediator to assist in your negotiations. Contact info@coderedflag.com or call 202-677-5272 to schedule a consultation.
Written by Dena Reid, Esq., Founder of Code Red Flag

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